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37th BCS Preliminarily Question Answer

37th BCS Preliminarily Question Answer









1. Word in singular form – radius
2. Correct sentence – All of it depends on you.
3. The complex form – A stone that rolls…….
4. Appended means – joined
5. Vigilantly – adverb
6. Alluring means – tempting
7. The correct passive form – By whom the tree was planted here?

8. the word ‘frailty’ is – a noun
9. Enlightening is – a participle
10. The family does not feel —– like
11. I could not……………….so, I —— had it mended

12. I saw —- one eyed man – a
13. Omnivorous means – eating all types of food
14. It’s raining cats and dogs, so, ——-make sure you take an umbrella
15. Achilles’ heel means – a weak point
16. With all sincerity – an adverbial phrase
17. I lost – an adjective clause
18. Proviso means – sanction
19. Cassandra doesn’t get up until about 11a.m
20. Opposite to DELETERIOUS – harmless
21. The poem ‘Gerontion’ written by T. S Eliot
22. Shakespeare’s last plat – The Tempest
23. Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard is written by – Thomas Gray
24. Volpone is written by – Ben Jonson
25. Sort of verse Shakespeare used in play – Lambic pentameter
26. The repetition of beginning consonant sound – Alliteration
27. Not a poetic tradition – The Occult
28. A funny poem of five lines – Limerick
29. Biographia Literaria is written by – S. T. Coleridge
30. Robert Browning is a – Victorian Poet
31. Othello gave Desdemona – a hankerchief
32. Adonais is written on the death of – John Keats
33. The comparison of unlike things using the words like or as – simile
34. Restoration Period refers to – 1660
35. The Sun Also Rises is written by Earnest Hemingway






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