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Job at Banglalink


Head of Customer Base Management & Loyalty
Major Responsibilities
  • Develop acquisition, usage and retention strategies, programs and plans for the segment
  • Review market intelligence and segment data, information on competitor activities and consumer trends to assess market requirements and identify opportunities
  • Observe and evaluate the performance of existing products and services and develop techniques to expand and improve them
  • Identify segment opportunities, review pricing strategies and facilitate management decision with in-depth industry, market applicability and feasibility analysis
  • Evaluate product promotions and campaign plans, road maps and finalize and ensure them implemented understanding with management
  • Identify needed technical and IT features and manage the preparation of the required features, tools and equipment on time with the help of relevant departments
  • Supervise the management of loyalty leads, campaign and efficient supply of redeemed gifts
  • Reduce Churn through different Loyalty Program; Establish Priyojon as a differentiation factor for BL subscribers
  • Develop Banglalink CBM strategy, initiatives and supervise the CBM team to develop different analytics model for consistently monitoring, evaluating and predicting all Banglalink customers and formulate them into micro segmentation with complex data modeling, analytics, and to develop and launching relevant contextual marketing and BTL plans and activities
Required Academic Qualifications
  • MBA
Required Experience
  • 10-11 years of experience in the Telecom sector with a proven track record in product development and developing and administering marketing programs
Required Knowledge & Skills
  • Good understanding of technical framework of Telecom Understanding of Billing systems, churn prediction models and technology evolution
  • Comprehensive familiarity with competitive environment, market trends and consumer mindset
  • Hands on customer lifecycle management knowledge
  • Thorough customer acquisition and retention knowledge
  • Strong understanding of segmentation, pricing methodology and business strategy
  • Good commercial acumen
  • Sound knowledge of Brand management & Communication management
Required Competencies
  • Same as above
Department/Division/Job Location
  • Marketing/Commercial/Dhaka

Application Deadline: Saturday, July 2, 2016
Candidates who do not meet the education, experience and other attributes will NOT be considered

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